Linear Reworks

Digital Release [TROPES009] available via bandcamp

01. Merkaba Macabre – Elementum Lucis (04:32)
02. Reuben Sutherland – Television (07:39)
03. Rose Kallal – Twilight (04:48)
04. Ian  Helliewell – Linear Dreamer (05:54)

Linear Reworks contains four reimaginings of the optical sound works by Richard Reeves from his animated films, released as an appetizer and addition to his LP Linear Dreams now available for preorder.

These soundtracks have been deconstructed and mis-combobulated by Ian Helliwell, Rose Kallal, Merkaba Macabre, and Reuben Sutherland, all artists working at the fulcrum of visual music.

This release is included as a free digital download with every physical purchase of Richard Reeve’s ‘Linear Dreams’ LP [TROPES008].

Ian Helliwell is an artist producing experimental music, super 8mm films, installations, electronic instruments, and light-show projections. His short films utilise hand painting, bleaching, scratching, and stop-motion animation.

Rose Kallal is a New York-based multi-disciplinary installation and performance artist using video, 16mm film, and electronic sound.

Merkaba Macabre is a multimedia project by London-based artist Steven McInerney, combining film, digital projection and sound to create experimental films, live audiovisual performances, and installations.

Reuben Sutherland is an artist working at the intersection of live-action and animation. He is half of Sculpture, a duo that plays with unstable forms of animation, improvised sound, and live zoetrope performances.

Release compiled by Steven McInerney.
Artwork taken from 'Linear Dreams' by Richard Reeves.
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