Richard Reeves
Linear Dreams
(Optical sound works 1994–2024)


[TROPES008] Edition of 100. Crystal transparent 180g LP with 350gsm printed inner and outer sleeves, digital download, plus four psychévisual reworks [TROPES009]. £25 plus £5 tracked postage within the UK). Also accpepting payments at psychetropes.eth – use contact form for transaction hash and mail address.

01. Twilight (01:58)
02. Fusion (03:16)
03. Intersexion (04:06)
04. Linear Dreams (06:54)
05. Zig Zag (00:59)
06. T.V (01:59)
07. Element of Light (04:26)
08. Countdown to Animation (00:44)
09. 1:1 (02:28)
10. Sea Song (04:10)
11. Aura (01:27)
12. Yarwood Trail (03:44)

Richard Reeves creates animations by drawing both sound and image directly onto motion picture film, and has produced award winning films that have screened around the world. He is a kinetic film scratcher, visual music maker, animated traveller of time and space, light sensitive spinner of zoetropes, looper of loops and a collector of projection bulbs to bring total enlightenment.

Reeves' early short films investigated different animation techniques and styles of music for the soundtracks. He experimented with flicker, finding an appreciable connection between the visual intensity of alternating frames, and the sonic impact of punk and jazz music. His explorations with cameraless animation took shape in the early 1990s, leading to a mastery of drawing and scratching of not only the image but a finely detailed synthetic soundtrack, on his breakthrough film Linear Dreams (1997). This was followed up by the equally accomplished Sea Song (1998), and an appearance on the Channel 4 animation series Dope Sheet, bringing him to the attention of viewers and filmmakers in the UK. Since then he has made over a dozen animated short films and has won a plethora of international awards.

All tracks written & produced by Richard Reeves.
Artwork by Richard Reeves.
Compiled and designed by Steven McInerney.
Lacquer cut by Henry Rudkins at Pitchcraft.
Portrait photography by Timo Viljakainen.
Studio photography by Darlene Amendt.
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All Rights Reserved.