Linear Dreams
2024 | 3’ | 35mm | Promotional film

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Richard Reeves creates animations by drawing both sound and image directly onto motion picture film, and has produced award winning films that have screened around the world. He is a kinetic film scratcher, visual music maker, animated traveller of time and space, light sensitive spinner of zoetropes, looper of loops and a collector of projection bulbs to bring total enlightenment.

Reeves' early short films investigated different animation techniques and styles of music for the soundtracks. He experimented with flicker, finding an appreciable connection between the visual intensity of alternating frames, and the sonic impact of punk and jazz music. His explorations with cameraless animation took shape in the early 1990s, leading to a mastery of drawing and scratching of not only the image but a finely detailed synthetic soundtrack, on his breakthrough film Linear Dreams (1997). This was followed up by the equally accomplished Sea Song (1998), and an appearance on the Channel 4 animation series Dope Sheet, bringing him to the attention of viewers and filmmakers in the UK. Since then he has made over a dozen animated short films and has been internationally recoginised with awards.

2024 - Best Experimental Animation Award : 62nd Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA.

2023 - Jury Award: Best Sound : GIRAF 19, Calgary Canada.

2023 - 3rd Prize, Best Abstract Film : Punto y Raya Festival, Lisbon Portugal.

2023 - Nominee Cristal Award: Best Short : Annecy International Animation Festival,France.

2023 - Jury Choice Award, Experimental Film : Thomas Edison Film Festival, USA.

2019 - Jury Stellar Award:Best Experimental Film : Black Maria Film Festival, USA.
2018 - Best Non Narrative Animation: GIRAF festival, Canada.
2005 – Directors Choice Award: Black Maria Film Festival, USA.

2003 – Jury Citation Award : Black Maria Film Festival, USA.

2001 – Award of Merit : Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany.
2000 – Directors Choice Award : Black Maria Film Festival, USA.
1998 – Best Canadian Animated Film : Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada.

1998 – Best Abstract Film : Zagreb International Animation Film Festival, Croatia.

1998 – Jury Award : Brisbane International Animation Festival, Australia.
1998 – Juror's Choice Award: Black Maria Film Festival, USA.
1998 – Best Sound Design: Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA.
1998 – Award of the Academy of Fine Art : University of Zagreb, Croatia.
1998 – Award of the Artiria Gallery : Zagreb, Croatia.

1998 – Award of Merit : San Francisco International film Festival, USA.

1998 – 2nd Prize Experimental Film : World Animation Celebration, USA.

1997 – Best Canadian Short Film: Atlantic Film Festival, Canada.
1997 – Best Experimental Film : Sea to Sky Film Festival, Canada.
1997 – Best Animated Film : Victoria Independent Film Festival.

1997 – Best Animated Film : Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards, Canada.

He is an honourary member of the Quickdraw Animation Society and previously worked at QAS as Film Production Coordinator.
He mentored at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School for 10 years and taught animation courses across Canada, Europe and South America.