Cantor Dust & Monster Curve
Howlround & Merkaba Macabre

[TROPES006] 7” Edition of 20. SOLD OUT. Digital £4 via Bandcamp

01. Cantor Dust (04:35)
02. Monster Curve (04:30)
03. Cold Open (04:50)
04. Gash Tape (04:18)

Cantor Dust & Monster Curve is a brand new fundraising release with 100% of proceeds going to help support IKLECTIK who at its core supports inclusivity & diversity within the London arts community. It’s a four-track EP of ‘Tape Loop Techno Meets Modular Madness’, containing some of the music the duo has been creating in collaboration over the past year.

Howlround & Merkaba Macabre is Robin The Fog & Steven McInerney
Mastered and cut by Soundhog
Side A photography by Robin The Fog
Side B photography by Victoria Hastings
Videograph by Greg Butler