Projected Music

[TROPES004] Edition of 500. 5” SOLD OUT. Digital £5 via Bandcamp

01. projected music  (00:01)
02. cortices jumped  (00:01)
03. miscued project  (00:01)
04. just coerced imp (00:01)
05. comedic jet spur (00:01)
06. mr jest occupied (00:01)
07. jet rump codices (00:01)
08. soccer jump diet (00:01)
09. cupric jested om (00:01)
10. uric mop dejects (00:01)
11. stoic jump creed (00:01)
12. mu dice projects (00:01)
13. croci steed jump (00:01)
14. cued projectism  (00:01)
15. core jump edicts (00:01)
16. disco reject ump (00:01)
17. jeep crud sitcom (00:01)
18. cosmic duper jet (00:01)
19. scud ejector imp (00:01)
20. eco jump credits (00:01)
21. ms juiced copter (00:01)
22. micro spud eject (00:01)
23. metric spec judo (00:01)
24. rum sceptic judo (00:01)
25. jeep turd comics (00:01)
26. reject music pod (00:01)

Sculpture meets Psyché Tropes for a post-transitory broadcast in reductionist methodology, exploring the non-standard definitions from the other side.

Projected Music is a 5-inch zoetrope picture disc containing 26 locked grooves. Each loop is 1.33 seconds in duration cut at 45rpm reaching a total playing time of 34.58 seconds although the loops are intended to be played at any speed. In the possession of two or more disks, the listener can interact with a modular album whereby the source material is open to interpretation. Despite its minimalist size and composition, this release is intended as an LP. With the expansive nature of the turntable, there are almost limitless possibilities.

We were advised by the pressing plant not to make a 5” locked groove picture disc due to the low-fidelity of cutting so close to the centre and that warping may occur due to cutting the size down to 5-inches. Rather than taking their advice, we have embraced these artefacts and you should as well.

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Music by Dan Hayhurst
Zoetrope Artwork by Reuben Sutherland
Mastered by Mike Grinser at Dubplates & Mastering

Copyright 2019. Psyché Tropes. All Rights Reserved