Psyché Tropes Episode 20
11pm, 25 March 2024 on Resonance 104.4 FM

Presented by Steven McInerney, Episode 20 features the optical soundtracks from the animated films by Richard Reeves, taken from his forthcoming LP 'Linear Dreams' [TROPES008], along with reworks by Rose Kallal, Ian Helliwell, Reuben Sutherland, and Merkaba Macabre [TROPES009], available April 2024 on Psyché Tropes.

Richard Reeves was born in Weymouth, England but has been living in Canada since 1960. His early artwork explored painting, printmaking, photography, and music, which led him to combine artistic disciplines and animate directly onto the filmstrip as a 'sound painting'. His début animation, 'Linear Dreams' (1997), was produced by drawing both the sound and picture directly onto the film.

Reeves worked at the Quickdraw Animation Society as a Film Production Coordinator for eight years. He also taught super eight and 16mm filmmaking at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School for 10 years. He has mentored and provided workshops in Europe, South America, and across Canada.

He has collaborated with artists for live performances involving dancing human projection screens, 16mm, violin, interactive animation installations, online animation jams, and large outdoor projections. He continues to explore film as a space-time art form. Despite the physically intense and laborious animation process, he has maintained a steady output of striking cameraless films with synthetically created optical sound and abstract animation as visual music.