Psyché Tropes Episode 17
11pm, 23 October 2023 on Resonance 104.4FM

Psyché Tropes Episode 17 presented by Steven McInerney features recordings from selected artists involved in the International Butoh Dance Festival 2023, Rebellious Bodies, running across the UK from October 31st to November 5th.

he first piece in this programme is composed by electroacoustic sound artist Chiharu MK, titled Gift from the Sea. On October 31st, the Rebellious Bodies Opening Event explores Butoh on Film at IKLECTIK with a screening of CAVE DANCE. CAVE DANCE is a newly edited version of Mr. O’s Book of the Dead, a film featuring the late Kazuo Ohno and his students, with a new soundtrack by Chiharu MK.

Following on from Chiharu MK is a piece by David Toop from a project titled Rain In the Face which was used by Mitsutaka Ishii in the 1970s and later released in 2020 on Lawrence English’s Room40 label. On October 31st 2023 at IKLECTIK, there will be a rare artist talk with David Toop and Atsuko Kamura, discussing improvisation in dance in London and Tokyo from that period.

Bodies of Light Ensue from Darkness is an expanded film and live performance of its soundtrack by Howlround and Merkaba Macabre, premiering on Thursday, November 2nd at IKLECTIK. The film  explores the morphic states of Butoh born out of the chaotic post-war climate of Japan, with a live soundtrack that resonates with the haunting soundscapes of the early 1960s Butoh, ranging from monochromatic intensity to multihued abstraction.

Butoh without Bodies a composition by Pascal Savy inspired by Tatsumi Hijikata’s 'The Dead Sea.' On Thursday, November 2nd, at IKLECTIK, he will play alongside an excerpt of Yoshito Ohno’s performance of the piece recorded in Singapore in 2011, tracing Yoshito’s haunted dancing with processed underwater sounds and deep drones to evoke the vast alien landscape of the Dead Sea and its metaphoric relation to life and death.