Psyché Tropes Episode 14
11pm, 26 June 2023 on Resonance 104.4FM

Presented by Steven McInerney, Episode 14 features a collaborative work by Pascal Savy, Howlround and Merkaba Macabre, for up-and-coming audiovisual performance at the BONE x IKLECTIK festival on the 14th of July at Fabra Coats in Barcelona.

This collaboration incorporates fragments of scanned 16mm and sound intricately woven together and manipulated live by Merkaba Macabre a.k.a Steven McInereny. These echoes are the natural dialectic in a parsed generative response, transmuted thru Pascal Savy’s ritual noise and processed by Howlround’s analogue tape loops to form a haunting and hallucinatory narrative that is both delicate and extreme.