Psyché Tropes Episode 13
11pm, 22 May 2023 on Resonance 104.4FM

Presented by Steven McInerney Episode 13 feautres a bespoke composition from a site-specific installation called Simulated Diegesis, created for the ‘Rising to Float’ exhibition at Greatorex Street Gallery in London. The installation consisted of seven independent channels of audio and light projection that spanned a 20-meter-long corridor. The piece was designed to explore the exhibition’s theme of transitory states whereby synthetic and pre-recorded sounds from the site were concealed through hidden speakers to playfully interact with visitors as they moved through the space.

The concept was to challenge the public’s perception by creating a simulated diegetic experience for each visitor. Diegesis refers to the narrative elements of a film or work of art that are presented to the audience, such as sounds made by the characters or from the natural environment around them. A simulation of these elements created an artificial diegetic experience by design, blending seamlessly with the natural sounds of the space to create a disorienting, immersive and interactive experience.

The world which deceivingly presented itself ranged from, concréte compositions of mechanical machinery from a decrepit water distribution system of polyvinyl, cement and metallic pipes overcome by the building's recent floods and torrential downpours. Structurally unequipped, stormwater could be heard gushing through the pipes accompanied by a cacophony of leaks and drips. The ominous knocking emanating from a wooden shipping container was reminiscent of the kind of cheap thrill from a 90s ghost train while the entrance to a simulated rave with restricted access teased curious bystanders with pulsating drones and rhythmical tones, as an entourage stood outside rejecting entry to those with a desire to enter.