Psyché Tropes Episode 11
11pm, 27 March 2023 on Resonance 104.4FM

Psyché Tropes Episode 11 presented by StevenMcInerney, features the #soundtrack from Johan Lurf's structuralist masterpiece ★. A chronological ordering of the stars from films beginning at cinema’s dawn and continuing to this present day.

These stellar instances, riven from context with sound intact — ambient hums, grand orchestral scores, pedantic explanations, dreamy speculation — are magical fields of #darkness sprinkled with possibilities. Lurf’s methodology of retaining each clip’s length, image and sound, sends the audience on a journey across the tones of promise and threat that emanate from the #cosmos.

A subject difficult if not impossible to accurately photograph on #film, we are therefore greeted again and again by the varied interpretations of the starry night by matte artists and special effects wizards, gazing now in stillness, now in careening motion across or into space at incandescent #nebulae, distant twinkling dots, and the black void in-between.