Psyché Tropes Episode 9
11pm, 23 January 2023 on Resonance 104.4FM

Psyché Tropes Episode 9 features soundtracks by artists working solo or collaboratively in the field of live audiovisual performance.

Kicking off the episide is a piece by the Opto-musical duo Sculpture titled Dymaxion Sculpture taken from their most recent release Collected Constructs 2001 - 2010.

Second in line is a Vapor Dentro by Jass taken from the LP and live audiovisual project A World of Service. In collaboration with visual artist, Ben Kreukniet the live performance encompasses a continuously expanding collection of sonic materials, scanned objects and environments, defining an ecosystem that morphs between symbolic and abstract expression.

The Age of Kali by The Light Surgeons, taken from their live show SuperEverything*, is a live cinema performance piece that explores identity, ritual and place in relation to Malaysia’s past, present and future. Commissioned by The British Council in 2011, it was created in collaboration with a group of Malaysian audio and visual artists. Over the past decade, the project has toured to various film and new media arts festivals internationally.

SuperEverything* is a fusion of music, field recordings, documentary filmmaking and real-time moving image manipulation that together transports its audiences through a series of universal narratives; exploring themes of tradition and modernity, globalisation and development, race and national identity, to consumer culture and belief.

ISOTOPP by Herman Kolgen is based on 2 years of collaboration with researchers Jean-charles Thomas and Thomas Roger, Kolgen conceived a system linked to an interpretation of the ganil research activities for a visual and sound performance. On stage, the system is linked in real time with the nuclear center.

Decomposition by Merkaba Macabre is an ever-evolving, camera-less audiovisual performance for one 16mm projector with optical sound and live modular soundtrack. Blank colour negative has undergone a series of organic and chemical decomposing techniques. A colour print is made of the results and while projected, the sound output of the disrupted film emulsion is processed with modular synthesis converting the film print into controlled voltage. Each live show is a recycled, re-decomposed iteration of itself whereby the film print and subsequent inter-negatives go through the same decomposing process thus destroying each previous generation.  

Egregore by Sequencial AVR is a site-specific, multi-layered, ritual audio/visual piece successfully deployed at The Delaware Road, in a military base near Stone Henge. The piece was, itself, an egregore, a loop drawing from the imagery and messages within it, feeding into another loop incorporating the energy from those who viewed it, then feeding back into the larger loop within the festival itself. Followed on with the penultimted piece is an excerpt from Ryoichi Kurokawa's Subassemblies performance.

Closing off episode 9 is Mathias Kispert's Austerity Rockers which featured in the audiovisual project Tektõn by D-FUSE. An ongoing collaboration between D-Fuse and Labmeta. Tektõn is a series of works exploring the spatio-temporal qualities of light and motion. Imagined digital/machinic instruments are used to engineer different formations of kinetic light. As these light machines are rendered invisible we witness the traces of structure and spatial presence. The live Audio-Visual performances are presented on two layers of screens: one transparent gauze hangs in front of the performers with a solid projection screen at the back. Images echo through the gauze to create a mesmerising 3D experience.