Psyché Tropes Episode 5
11pm, 26 September 2022 on Resonance 104.4FM

Psyché Tropes Episode 5, presented by Steven McInerney features a selection sound and musical works from found footage and collage films taken from Found Footage Magazine's recent dvd, blu-ray and book release.

For enthusiasts of avant-garde cinema, this deluxe limited edition of sixteen short films provides a vivid account of various creative processes in the reappropriation of moving image.

Kicking off Episode 5 is the soundtrack from Under Twilight by Jean-Gabriel Périot from 2006, A film containing bombardments of war footage edited into a symmetrical ballet.

Light is Calling by Bill Morrison is a 35mm film a deteriorating scene from James Youngs The Bells (1926) was optically reprinted and edited to Michael Gordons seven minute composition.

The Girl from Moush by Gariné Torrossian is a poetic montage of the artist's journey through her subconscious Armenia, one which appears, like the mythical city of Shangri La, when closing one's eyeslids.
Following on is the soundtrack to African Diary by Yervant Giani-kian & Angela Ricci Lucchi from 1994 composed by K. Ullrich and C. Andersson.

The Colour of Love by Peggy Ahwesh, from 1994 is a slightly slo-mo, optical reprint of an obviously ill-treated '70s porn movie in which the chemical rot that's already eaten away the edges of the image threaten to censor it entirely. The Colour of Love is an almost Rose Hobart for the '90s.

Zillertal by Jugen Rebel from 1997 consists of an old 35mm trailer which has been coated with various chemicals. Through chemical disintegration and weathering the Colours emerged from black and white. Black areas transformed into mountaineous regions.

Finishing up Episode 8 is the sountrack to The Exquisite Corpus dir. Peter Tscherkassky from 2015, composed by Dirk Schaefer. This 19 minute epic piece is based on various erotic films and advertising rushes. Myriad fragments are melted into a single sensuous, humorous, gruesome, and ecstatic dream.