Psyché Tropes Episode 3
11pm, 23 May 2022 on Resonance 104.4FM

Psyché Tropes Episode 3, presented by Steven McInerney presents various sound and musical works from experimental film and video, installation, performance, expanded cinema and other rare forms of multimedia.

Opening up tonight's episode is an excerpt from Trilateral Descent by Merkaba Macabre. Trilateral Descent is an expanded film exploring the persistence of vision and the illusory motion of a 16mm triptych coalescing with digital projection and live electronics. Stroboscopic patterns sequenced at high frequency are perceived as a single, constant, moving image resulting in a strangely hypnotic physiological experience as the brain reconciles sight and sound. The projection screen is prepared with three photodiode sensors, that respond to the phasing of light. This feedback system triggers custom analogue hardware in real-time and is performed as a live soundtrack.

Peak Chroma by Claire Rousay taken from A Softer Focus is a collaborative work between Rousay and visual artist Dani Toraal. The title alludes to the meditative or recollective-dream state of creating. Toraal, being primarily a painter and ceramicist, took on the challenge of working digitally to create a visual dialectic accompanying the music with recurring floral motifs throughout the photography, video work and ceramics for the special edition of the vinyl record.

Next is Chapter 3 of The Pyre a score by KTL for french choreographer Jizz Elle Vienne. The Pyre is a theatrical performance focusing on the existential tension between presence and absence with the soundtrack released on Shelter Press. Following on from The Pyre is Karl Fousek's minimalist compositional soundtrack to In The Forest, a film by David Har, is a field recording from Apichapong Wirasetthakun's award-winning feature, Uncle Boonme, Who Can Recall His Past Lives.

A Mouthful of Metal by Ovenglovelove is an audiovisual project utilising domestic objects and pulp matter to create a synergy between playfulness and restlessnes as a reactionary stream of consciousness. This piece exists on SIDE A of an audio cassette released on Bloxham tapes. Concluding this month's episode is an exceprt from Post Coma, a collaboration between Merkaba Macabre and Pagan Red.