Psyché Tropes Episode 2
11pm, 25 April 2022 on Resonance 104.4FM

Psyché Tropes Episode 2, presented by Steven McInerney programmes various sound and musical works from experimental film and video, installation, performance, expanded cinema and other rare forms of multimedia.

This episode opens with a track by electronic improvisationist and audiovisual-ist SWARMM and multidisciplinary artist Karolina Magnusson-Murray exploring bleak yet beautiful sonic boundaries.

FLOOD by Jana Imert is an immersive quadraphonic composition and audiovisual performance that reflects on the human existence in the 21st century – inhabiting a planet of immense beauty and simultaneously witnessing the seemingly unavoidable human drive towards extinction of nature and ultimately of ourselves.

Benidict Drew's A Tuning is of psycho-cosmic importance with a soundtrack as meditative as it is disturbing. Drew works across video, sculpture, drawing, painting, and music. He creates large-scale installations, often concerned with ecstatic responses to socio-political anxiety.

Lisa Knapp's A Defence of Women is taken from Tyburnia, an expanded film and live performance collaboration between artist James Holcombe and Deat Rat Orchestra. Holcombe's multi-channel 16mm film Tyburnia: looks at the history and legacy of London's Tyburn Gallows, the city's principal place for public executions for 600 years. This piece continues on with Dead Rat Orchestra's The Black Procession.

Philip Jeck's rework to Sculpture's Projected Music released on Psyché Tropes in 2019 is played in tribute to the passing Jeck on March 25th 2022. He was an exceptional composer and multimedia artist who released many great works on the UK label Touch.

Ancient Forces 1 by Bruce Lacey was extracted from The SPACEY; Film Music and Improvisations Volume 1 released on Trunk Records. Ending tonight's episode is a piece by Mira Calix for Quayola's Strata Series released on NON-LINEAR SOUND. Mira Calix passed away on 25th March 2022. She was hugely influential, pushing the boundaries between electronic and classical music, working across a wide range of multimedia and will be dearly missed by many.