2015 – 2022 | 20’ | 16mm | Performed live by Merkaba Macabre

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Decomposition is an ever-evolving, camera-less audiovisual performance designed for a single 16mm projector featuring optical sound and a live modular soundtrack. This is a research project into degradation in which 16mm color negative film undergoes a series of organic and chemical decomposition techniques. A color print is then created from the resulting material. During projection, the disrupted film emulsion's sound output is routed through the a input of a modular synthesizer, effectively converting the film print into controlled voltage.

The contours, shapes, and colours of the decomposed celluloid are dynamically translated into live sound synthesis and manipulated in real-time. Each live performance represents a recycled, re-
decomposed iteration of itself, as the film print and subsequent internegatives undergo the same decomposition process and are reprinted — resulting in the complete destruction of the past.

Screenings | Performances
IKLECTIK Art Lab (London, UK) February 25, 2022
Fest Anca Int’l Animation Festival 2019 (Official Selection, Slovakia) June 27, 2019
The Delaware Road (Digital screening) Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker (UK) July 28, 2017
East End Film Festival (Official Selection, UK) July 11, 2017
Sines & Squares Festival (Live performance) November, 19, 2016
Splice Festival (Live performance, UK) June 6, 2016
Dronica Festival (Live performance, UK) April 16. 2016
Strange Umbrellas (Live performance, UK) 2015