2023 | 30’ | Live Audiovisual performance

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Codicies is a live audiovisual project by Howlround + Merkaba Macabre + Pascal Savy. Originally commissioned for the BONE x IKLECTIK Festival in July 2023 at Fabra I Coats, Barcelona, this collaboration incorporates fragments of scanned 16mm and sound intricately woven together and manipulated live by Merkaba Macabre. These pulses of colour and sound are the natural dialectic in a parsed generative response, transmuted thru Pascal Savy’s ritual noise and processed by Howlround’s analogue tape loops to form a haunting and hallucinatory narrative that is both delicate and extreme.

12 January, 2024. Howlround + Merkaba Macabre + Pascal Savy Takeover. IKLECTIK, London
14 July, 2023. Fabra I Coats, Barcelona (Spain)